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        1. 13937926565
          ABOUT US
          Luoyang Xinshi Bearing Co., Ltd which is a high-tech enterprise characterized by globalization and information .It lies in Luoyang-an ancient city capitalized by nine dynasties which mainly specializes in non-standard and special bearings. As a prof【MORE
          CONTACT US

          Luoyang Xinshi Bearing Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

          Contacts:Manager Hu

          Cell phone:13937926565



          Address:No.1,Taiyuan Road,Luoyang city,Henan,China 471003

          Split Spherical RollerSplit Spherical Roller Single row cylindrical roller bearingsSingle row cylindrical roller bearings Split cylindrical roller bearingsSplit cylindrical roller bearings Thrust cylindrical roller bearingsThrust cylindrical roller bearings
          Copyright? 2012-2016 Luoyang Xinshi Bearing Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.  ADD:No.1,Taiyuan Road,Luoyang city,Henan,China 471003
          PHONE:13937926565  WeiXin : 1304867160 Email:lyxszc@126.com SITEMAP
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